What’s the True Return on Investment?

Learn to factor money, time, energy, mindshare and JOY into your business and life.

Every business has some method of determining their ROI (return on investment). Even if it’s simply your tax return, you tally up what you made and subtract what you spent. The remainder is your ROI.

The ROI helps businesses, big and small, determine what is working and what is not. ROI is used to determine whether a marketing campaign is working, whether you’re spending too much on products or services and whether certain products or services are selling.

However, most ROI systems don’t factor in the true cost and therefore they don’t know the true ROI. My method, invented by yours truly, gives you a system to factor many more elements than money.

  • Am I making any money?

  • Am I spending money?

  • How much Time does it take?

  • How much am I thinking about this?

  • Is it bringing me more JOY?

  • Can I get someone else to do it?

Art by Patti Stickler at Your Art is in Your Heart